Business Plans

American Properties will provide you with a team of visionary MBA's who hold keen insight into tomorrow's evolving Business trends.  By pairing a strong background in business fundamentals, with an ability to provide progressive, out of the box thinking, our team is able to help clients launch modern day business and real estate Projects that last.  By working with our Consultants, you'll receive a customized experience, one where your concept is tailored to meet your specific goals. 

Our Consultant services includes, but is not limited to:   Executive Summaries, Demographics, Funding Objective, Use of Funds, Company Background, The Product & Service, Business Model, Market Gaps/Market Opportunity, Competitive Analysis, Market Plan/Market Campaigns, Investment Analysis, and Expense/Revenue Spreadsheets. 

A Bank Quality Business Plan is a pivotal and paramount step for each of our Client's successful Business & Funding Opportunities. 


American Properties works with highly-experienced, Nationally and Internationally-recognized Loan Consulting Groups.  The depth of knowledge and experience our Consultants bring to the table is the smart choice when your Business is in need of a Commercial Real Estate Loan.  You can trust these skilled Professionals to lead you through the process of quickly obtaining a form-fitted Loan for all of your Funding requirements. 

Land Planning

Land Use and Site Planning – We provide a unique Land Planning service. Regardless of location or size, we have Engineering Consultants that help design and plan the best land use, and best site density, with the ability to coordinate every phase with the City or County Planning Departments. This relationship is crucial for any project’s success. We work closely with other specialists, including but not limited to: topography, engineering, hydrology, environmental, endangered species, flood plain, traffic, architectural design, graphics, cost analysis, and much more.

Specific Plans & Master Planned Communities – In accordance with the State and local guidelines for Specific Plans, our Engineers prepare Land Use Master Plans, including traffic studies/ pedestrian circulation, infrastructure, and environmental analysis necessary for approval and adoption with public agencies.

Tentative Subdivision Map/Parcel Map – Includes conceptual site designs for the property, utility design, grading analysis/design, tentative subdivision map plan, with sets prepared for agency submittals and approval processing for public agencies.

Entitlement and Permit Processing – We prepare and process a wide spectrum of entitlements, including, but not limited, to: Specific plans, Specific Plan Amendments, General Plan Amendments, Rezoning, Conditional Use Permits, Development Plan/Site Plan Review, Variances, Environmental Agency Review, Annexations, Lot Line Adjustments, etc.

Environmental Analysis – We analyze all existing environmental constraints such as trees, wetlands, views, noise, prevailing winds, vehicular and pedestrian access, surrounding land uses, grading and drainage, all before we begin any conceptual site designs, in order to maximize the property’s assets, while minimizing the liabilities.

Illustrative Graphic Presentations – We provide high quality AutoCAD, freehand graphics, complete Business Plans, including expense and revenue spreadsheets, for presentations to Public and Private Groups and Individuals.

Land Entitlements

Infrastructure Master Planning – Part of land planning, identifying costs associated with various land use plans, helping to develop a project that is financially feasible. Part of our job description is preparation of reports necessary to support the project’s environmental documentation.

Water Supply – Help identify, negotiate and contract water supplies for proposed project.
Agreement Negotiations – Assist our clients in the negotiation of all necessary agreements related to providing the necessary services for the Project’s development. This includes but is not limited to development agreements, wastewater and storm drainage, traffic, environmental, etc.

Infrastructure Finance and Implementation Plans – Documents that define and break down Project’s costs by Phases. We help the client understand when costs occur and how and when they are paid for (land financing, infrastructure, horizontal and vertical construction costs, fee programs, etc.).
American Properties is also available to partner with clients to implement cost-effective, staffing models that introduce industry-leading processes designed to optimize project management activities and make the most efficient use of capital. Regardless of size, industry sector or geographic dispersion, our specialists consistently deliver cost savings and value. Our management team will help create solutions for our clients that include office, retail and residential facilities. In some cases we endeavor to work with clients in an effort to raise the necessary capital to fund part or all of their development projects.